At Southern Solutions we realize that your study results are only as good as your respondent screening. We hold ourselves to the highest standards in research data collection. We give attention to detail so that you can place your study with confidence. You will experience results that are on time every time. A quick turnaround within budget is our commitment to you. Our clients deserve peace of mind.

A Focus Group Agency that will engage real customers as they use your product or service.


At Southern Solutions you can expect quality recruiting to your specifications. We maintain a computerized database of consumer, executive, professional, and technical respondents.

Focus Groups

Our experienced team of moderators and market researchers can conduct focus groups, in-person or online, from any location.

With our national database, we can find qualified individuals for any project from anywhere in the United States.

Location Testing

We are no stranger to travel, our team can set up testing locations closer to our clients.

We will come to any facility and engage real customers as they use your product or service.


With years of experience, our moderators know exactly what to ask to get the best responses from our participants.

Our expert team of data analyzers use world class software to provide the best data driven decision.


Our team of survey experts can create, distribute, and analyze any survey for any demographic.

We go in depth with our participants to understand the complex environments from where they make their decisions.

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